Betta Fish

How to care for and raise beautiful and healthy betta fish!

betta fish ebook

This is not another general fish hobby ebook you come across often. This ebook has valuable information that comes from years of research by many experience experts around the world who share the same interest you and me have Betta Fishes.

If you are looking for just ‘one’ ebook with all the information you need on betta fishes, then you just found it!

This guide will help you with everything you need to know, from buying the best betta fish possible from the pet store, to indentifying and treating common betta diseases.

This ebook is written plain and simple for anyone to understand and follow. This guide definitely will help you care and raise beautiful and healthy beta fishes.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to choose the best betta
  • Choosing the right aquarium
  • About all necessary equipment
  • Feeding
  • When betta don’t want to ear
  • Cleaning the aquarium
  • Changing the water
  • Their behavior and management techniques
  • Keeping males and females together
  • How to play with your betta
  • All about Sororities
  • Common diseases and treatments
  • And much more!

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Date Added: December 6, 2021


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