Keyword Domination – One Step at a Time

Is your life dominated by keyword madness?

keyword domination one step time ebook

It’s time to take control of your online business and use keywords to create profits instead of confusion! Stop cramming your copy with keywords and communicate with your customers again!

Keyword Domination – One Step at a Time

These strategies for creating keyword rich texts to target buyers that will return to your site again and again can increase your monthly online income by thousands of dollars a month! Humanize Your Online Business and Get Those Keywords Working for You Instead of the Other Way Around!

Let’s face it – keyword optimization is a treacherous business. If you are not an expert at it several things can happen –

  • You can use the wrong keywords and attract thousands and even millions of untargeted visitors to your site (this happened to me and my host actually shut me down due to a lack of traffic!)
  • You can attract a horde of slightly off visitors and then actually get a bill from your web host for the extra crowds (the bill I got emailed to me was not pretty!)
  • You can use a PPC keyword that is too popular and end up spending up your entire daily budget for buying keywords in a half an hour and be broke the rest of the day!
  • You can mystify and astound the visitors to your site with the garbled language and strange titles that you use in order to try to please the search engine bots with our SEO keyword savvy – it just turns the customers off when your copy reads like it was written by a robot or an idiot!

Stop Using Keywords to Cheat You and Your Customers Out of a Sale or Membership Conversion! Optimize Your Use of Keywords Now!

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