The basics of publishing and marketing a kindle eBook!

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Getting Your Book Published and Making Sales!

Many new or upcoming authors have the same concerns and fears, but not to worry! You are holding your access pass to discover the easiest method for getting published on Kindle Fast!

Of course getting published is only half of the issue, your next step is to know the best ways to market your new book.

Use our simple to follow eBook to push you passed your stumbling blocks and become a published author.

No more wondering how to format your Kindle book – we show you what works the best! You’ll discover formatting and conversion tips and how to insert images into your book.

This resource includes a wealth of information that will simply take your breath away. Here’s a quick sampling of what you can look forward to discovering inside:

  • Book Preparation
  • Formatting Your Book
  • Basic Guidelines to Formatting your Kindle Book
  • Formatting Guidelines
  • Use the Styles and Headings Ribbon
  • Formatting Tips
  • Final Check of Your Book
  • Uploading to Kindle
  • Book Covers
  • Previewing Your Book
  • Kindle Matchbook
  • KDP Select Program
  • The Basics
  • Goals
  • Branding
  • How much time do you have for marketing?
  • What is your marketing budget?
  • Do you want a website dedicated to the book or an author site?
  • Marketing Your Kindle Book
  • Using Social Sites
  • Press Releases/Announcements
  • Google Hangouts, YouTube and Webinars
  • Website or Blog
  • Create Your Amazon Author Page
  • Gifting Your Book
  • Register with websites for free which help you promote your book
  • Guest Posts and Blog Tours
  • Local Marketing

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